These statutes were proposed, discussed, amended, and approved at the founding meeting of NNDR in Fredrikshavn (DK), 16 August 1997, revised 1998 and 2003 in Jyväskylä (Fi), and again in Gothenburg (Se) 2007.

PARAGRAPH 1: Statement of purpose

The purpose and intention of this Association is to promote and advance research and development in the field of disability. NNDR is a multidisciplinary network of disability researchers interested in cultural, societal and environmental dimensions of disability and marginalization. NNDR provides a forum for disability researchers, particularly from the Nordic countries, to meet, present, and discuss their research, as well as encouraging Nordic and international exchange and collaboration.

PARAGRAPH 2: Membership

Membership is either by individual or organisational/institutional subscription. Membership is open to persons who work in research and/or development in the field of disability, as well as others interested in such research.

PARAGRAPH 3: Tasks and activities

This Association shall engage in activities which contribute to the advancement of the Association’s purpose. This includes:

– a Nordic conference every other year;
– publication of Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research (SJDR);
– NNDR web pages

This Association shall also have a threefold network function:

– to promote establishment of a network for Nordic researchers in the field of disability;
– to promote development of national networks in each of the Nordic countries;
– to promote international contacts with individuals and organisations having similar interests.

PARAGRAPH 4: Organisation

The Association’s highest authority is the General Assembly. The General Assembly meeting is arranged in connection with the Nordic conference, occurring on alternate, oddly-numbered years. The conference announcement serves as invitation to the General Assembly meeting.

The General Assembly considers and acts on the Board’s report, financial report, journal editor report, membership dues, Nordic conference report, the Board’s plan of work activities, and election of the President and the Board, as well as other issues and points of business which can be proposed from Board members or suggested by individual members. Such items can be proposed beforehand such that they appear on the meeting agenda, or raised at the meeting under the agenda item of miscellaneous.

The official language of the Association is English.

PARAGRAPH 5: Board and Elections

Between General Assembly meetings, the Association is led by the President and the Board. The Board will consist of five board members and five substitute board members. Members of the board must represent the five Nordic countries. The General Assembly elects the Board’s president, four additional board members and five substitute board members. The Board has the authority and responsibility to constitute itself, but shall have at least the roles of secretary and treasurer. Board membership is for a period of two years. The General Assembly appoints and elects an election committee comprised of four persons who propose nominations for President, board members and substitute board members for the following General Assembly. A financial accountant is also elected by the General Assembly.

PARAGRAPH 6: Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research (SJDR)

NNDR publishes a journal entitled the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research. The Editor is appointed by the Board, an appointment presented to the General Assembly as a point of information. The Editor appoints consulting editors in collaboration with the Board.

PARAGRAPH 7: NNDR conferences

The Association hosts a Nordic conference every other year. The Board decides which country will have responsibility for each conference. The conference committee shall have a contractual agreement with the Board.

PARAGRAPH 8: Membership dues

Membership dues shall be decided by the General Assembly.

PARAGRAPH 9: Dissolution

The Association can be dissolved by way of a two-thirds majority vote at and by the General Assembly. In such an instance, the Association’s resources shall be pledged to a purpose representing the Association’s purpose and interests, to be considered as a separate agenda item approved at and by the General Assembly.