New Editor-in-Chief for the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research

Today, July 1st 2022, we are happy to announce the name of the new Editor-in-Chief of the Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research (SJDR). Professor Leslie Swartz, Department of Psychology, Stellenbosch University assumes the chief editor’s responsibilities after Professor Inger Marie Lid.

Professor Swartz is an honored and highly recognized scholar. He has contributed to the Disability Research field both through his many academic studies and publications, and through his works as a novelist. His latest novel How I Lost My Mother: A Story of Life, Care and Dying has recently been put on the longlist for the 2022 Sunday Times Literary Awards.

Professor Swartz is the first Editor-in-Chief of the SJDR from a non-Nordic country. His appointment reflects that the journal no longer is a periodical reporting only Nordic research. Professor Swartz has been clear that the journal will continue to increase its reflections of global perspectives on disability under his leadership, particularly perspectives from the Global South. The Nordic Network on Disability Research (NNDR), who formally appoints the Editor-in-Chief, share these ambitions and whishes the new Editor-in-Chief the best of luck!

Since the SJDR’s transition to an Open Access journal hosted by Stockholm University Press, the journal has had an increased rate of high-quality submissions from scholars around the world. We owe much of this positive development to our editorial team, and it is with the utmost gratefulness we now thank Professor Inger Marie Lid for her services to the journal. Professor Lid took over as Editor-in-Chief in June 2019 and has led the journal through the special circumstances created by the Covid pandemic. Under her leadership, the journal has published a large number of well-written and well-edited papers. The journal has also improved its administrative routines and its economy thanks to Professor Lid’s efforts. In her work, Professor Lid has had the fortune of excellent help and assistance from her co-editors, and we would like to take this chance to express our thanks to two editors who have left their positions this last year: Professor Janice McLaughlin, Newcastle University, and Associate Professor Hisayo Katsui have both worked tirelessly to develop the journal, particularly through the above mentioned transitions to Open Access publishing, and through several special issues of the journal. On behalf of the board of the NNDR, I express our thanks and gratitude for all this splendid work.


Trondheim July 1st 2022

Patrick Kermit
President of the NNDR

About NNDR

NNDR is a multidisciplinary network of disability researchers interested in cultural, societal and environmental dimensions of disability and marginalization. The purpose of NNDR is to advance research and development in the field of disability. NNDR provides a forum for researchers, particularly from the Nordic countries, to meet, present and discuss their research, as well as encouraging Nordic and international exchange and collaboration.

NNDR was established in Fredrikshavn, Denmark in 1997. In just a few years it has grown into a large network of disability researchers, reflecting the growing interest in and importance of disability research in the Nordic countries.

The main meeting place for the network is the biannual NNDR conferences. The purpose of the conferences is for researchers in particular from the Nordic countries to present and discuss their results from social research on disability, as well to promote contacts for Nordic and international collaboration. Those who work with development and policy for disabled people in various professions, organisations or bureaucracy are also warmly welcome. The second main activity for NNDR is to run the scientific journal Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research.