Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research 

is an international peer-reviewed journal aiming to disseminate innovative, high quality, social research on disability, which enables critical reflection on the position of people with disabilities in different societal contexts.

The journal’s defining characteristic is a focus on the relation between persons with disabilities and their environments, it is multi-disciplinary in scope incorporating research from a variety of perspectives including:

  • Educational
  • Sociological
  • Socio-psychological
  • Historical
  • Legal
  • Economics
  • Socio-medical
  • Cultural Studies
  • Social Policy

The journal was established by the Nordic Network on Disability Research, an association that has as one of its objectives to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of social research on disability in the five Nordic countries. An important ambition is to encourage researchers from all countries to submit articles for publication, as well as to be a source of information about what is going on in critical research on disability internationally. This policy is reflected in the panel of consulting editors from several different countries.