Upcoming NNDR and national network conferences

NNDR/SJDR online event
Disability Research: Doing Research and Publishing Papers in Pandemic Times
March 24th 2021

NNDR 16th Research Conference
May 2023. Reykjavík, Iceland (new dates to be decided)

Past NNDR Conferences

15th NNDR Research Conference
May, 8. – 10. 2019. Campus Carlsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

14th NNDR Research Conference
May, 3. – 5. 2017. Örebro, Sweden
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Abstract book

The 13th NNDR Research Conference
May, 6. – 8. 2015. Bergen, Norway

The 12th NNDR conference
May 30. – 31. 2013, Turku, Finland
Homepage: not available

The 11th NNDR conference
May, 27. – 28. 2011
Reykjavik, Iceland
Homepage: not available

The 10th NNDR Conference
April 2. – 4. 2009
Nyborg, Denmark
Homepage: not available

The 9th NNDR conference
2007 in Göteborg, Sweden
Web:not available

The 8th NNDR conference
2005 in Oslo, Norway
Homepage: not available

The 7th NNDR conference
2003 in Jyväskylä, Finland
Homepage: not available

The 6th NNDR conference
2002 in Reykjavík, Iceland
Homepage: not available

The 5th NNDR conference
2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Homepage: not available